Personalized Design


Vivant Garde is now offering custom design product!

Due to the demands of our loving customers we decided to take this step ahead. You can now personalize the avenues/streets where you grow up or had special memories with.

Easy steps to avail customize design:

1. Place an order of the product.

2. Email us on the avenues which you want to customize and make sure to label it from 1 to 6. Please refer to the picture below.

When purchasing a personalized design DONT forget to put number before the avenues (i.e 1. Riverside, 2. Columbus Ave, 3. West End Ave, etc.) and keep in mind to maintain the symmetry the No.1 avenue must be shorter in words than the No. 2 and 3 avenues. Its the opposite on Numbers 4 to 6 avenues. Number 4 must be longer in words than No 5 and 6 avenues. Just refer to the sample image above about symmetry.

Everything you see in here is customizable. Feel free to email us anything @